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  • Experience more satisfaction

  • Make happiness visible in your own life

  • Improve mobility

  • Build strength

  • Reduce back pain

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Meditation

  • Balance

  • Learn self-love

  • Inner and outer attitude

  • Relax

  • Feel good & refuel


“Happiness is self-sufficiency.” (Aristotle)


In YOGA & HAPPINESS we flow through a dynamic Vinyasa class and cultivate our attitude towards happiness and contentment through mental exercises. Gratitude practices or the “Three good things” exercise by the renowned psychologist Seligmann nourish positive feelings and strengthen your resilience. Because your own contentment is a quiet garden in which you can rest at any time.

Duration: 60 minutes

Level: Beginner and Advanced

Every class in THE GOOD GYM is suitable for beginners and advanced users, as our qualified trainers can adapt each exercise to your level of training.

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