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Frauen Stretching auf Yoga-Matte


  • More freedom of movement

  • Release tension

  • More upright posture

  • Improve range of motion for other activities or sports

  • More flexibility

  • Counteract shortenings

  • Rapid regeneration after training

  • Relaxation

  • Keep fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints supple

  • Injury prevention

  • Stress relief

  • Reduce muscle spasms


Regular Mobility & Stretch training increases the mobility of your body. The muscles become more supple, tension is relieved and you prevent shortening. Shortened muscle groups can cause serious problems because the tension in the body becomes unbalanced. Feel comfortable in your skin again and integrate Mobility & Stretch into your training plan to get closer to your goals in a holistic and healthy way. Plus, stretching is just good. Treat yourself to a break with other women and switch off from everyday stress. The workouts are particularly beneficial in addition to strength training, on rest days or after intensive training to promote regeneration and relaxation.

Duration: 30 minutes

Level: Beginner and Advanced

Every course in THE GOOD GYM is suitable for beginners and advanced users, as our qualified trainers can adapt each exercise to your level of training.

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