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Puncbag Hit


  • Exercising

  • Build strength

  • Learn self-defense

  • Fitness & improve performance

  • Train coordination

  • Improve muscle reaction speed

  • Weight loss

  • Train endurance


Become a machine at our Fight club session, have fun and improve your overall fitness in no time! Trough interval sessions we will make you sweat and get your heart rate up. Strengthening sequences make your muscles steel and round off every workout. Powerful punch combinations and kicks await you. Certified trainers mix elements from Boxing,Kickboxing,Tae Boe and theSelf-defense. After just few weeks, people would rather not mess with you - let's fight!

Duration: 45 minutes

Level: Beginner and Advanced


Every course in THE GOOD GYM is suitable for beginners and advanced users, as our qualified trainers can adapt each exercise to your level of training.

For fight club, you are required to wear bandages and/or boxing gloves for hygienic reasons and for your own safety. You can bring this equipment with you or buy bandages from us for €10. Do you want to try out Fight Club first? You can rent boxing gloves and bandages for just €5 each. 


Come with comfortable sportswear, clean sneakers and bring something to drink.

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