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This is important to us:

Sustainable and environmentally friendly training

We want you and the earth to be well. That's why our 120 square meter boutique studio "THE GOOD GYM" is providing training equipment from manufacturers who care about our planet. Our common goal is for people to exercise and joyfully experience a sustainable lifestyle. Not only do we want to make a difference, we also want to give you the best feeling during your training.



Weight training strengthens your muscles, your bones, capsules, tendons, ligaments and therefore you. If you do weight training on a regular basis, you will feel more resilient and mentally balanced. It has also been medically proven that strength training reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or cancer for example. Strength training has positive effects on depression, osteoporosis and ensures fewer injuries from falls. In order for you to be able to train all muscle groups in THE GOOD GYM, we provide you with the following equipment:



In addition to the back muscles, the whole body can be trained with the “Slim Beam”. With up to 85 variations on one device, this is possible at THE GOOD GYM. We'll show you how it's done!


The classic squat is a true miracle exercise because it is easy for anyone to do and strengthens several large muscle groups at the same time: four-headed thigh muscles, muscles of the back of the thigh, buttocks, the lower back and the hip flexors. At THE GOOD GYM you can challenge and build your muscles to the maximum by training on the squat machine with weights. Safe and efficient!


With the abductor and adductor machine we aim to train the inside and outside of the legs, optimize posture and stabilize the pelvis. This is also often used in medicine to strengthen the legs and thereby relieve the strain on the spine. 


The fitness/weight bench is used for balanced fitness and strength training, to burn fat and build muscle on your arms, legs, buttocks, back, chest and stomach. We will also show you numerous training options on this device. For instance, you can fire up your abs with sit-ups and crunches, your chest with bench presses, the back with rows, biceps and triceps with curls, dips and bench presses.


Pull-ups are not only functional, but they also reveal your true strength development. For us women, this is a challenging training goal that we would be happy to accompany and push you towards. The dip station is an ideal place to tone your abdominal muscles thanks to the straight and secure posture.


THE GOOD GYM chose these 5 stations because they can train all muscle groups in many different variations and with the utmost safety. 

Do you feel like getting started?

You can have your training plan drawn up by one of our qualified trainers here:

IMG_0038 2.JPG


Endurance training reduces stress, ensures the release of happiness hormones and can, among other things, improve sleep disorders.

Through cardio training, fat burning and metabolism are put into overdrive, you get out of bed more easily, and your general fitness, performance and joy of life increase.

The immune system is strengthened and you get sick less often.

It's all about DIVERSITY:

Choose between our bikes

made from environmentally friendly wood

or rowing machines,

that imitate the sound of the sea

and get you into a state of flow and happiness during training.

Regular running groups in the English Garden are also being planned.

IMG_0038 2.JPG


Do you like training with small functional equipment? Here as well, we have everything your heart desires: The ropes from Edelkraft are made from recycled PET bottles produced in a climate-neutral way using solar energy. Their handles are made of sustainably certified wood. All 2kg dumbbells are covered with neoprene, made from fair trade natural rubber - just like our thera bands. With strong mini bands made of fabric, yoga straps made of ecological organic cotton and our sling trainer made of high-quality wood, you can train fairly and with a clear conscience.


Just grab one of our sustainable cork mats and get started.


P.S.: The small  equipment is also being used in our courses

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