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  • How do I book my trial training with you?
    Via the following link:
  • Do you have a treasure trove?
    In THE GOOD GYM, many things are left behind every day. Drinking bottles, towels, sneakers, clothes, ... Please have' Understand that we don't have the time to look for you due to the quantity. Come' Please come by yourself and take a look in the baskets above the lockers in the changing room. We keep valuables safe at reception. Please ask here personally at your next training session. Thanks :-)
  • Do you teach in English?
    Here are many international women and this is so great! We teach and speak English, provided at least one person does not understand German. If only German-speaking participants are present, we teach in German. We are many different trainers with different linguistic backgrounds. In any case, we will do our best to ensure that you can understand us. In some courses we mix German and English so that a learning effect can also occur.
  • I am in Munich irregularly or plan to travel.
    Once a year you can pause your subscription for 4 weeks at a time. The contract term is added to your term. Please let us know 10 days in advance. You can also transfer your subscription to a friend or acquaintance from 4 weeks onwards.
  • My life has changed and I have to quit immediately.
    In any case, we must adhere to your notice period, as we calculate our prices, payments and purchases accordingly. However, you can transfer the remaining contract term to a friend or acquaintance at any time. To do this, the person concerned should simply contact us. Once she has taken over your contract, you will no longer incur any further costs. We wish you all the best for your future plans and look forward to training with you again at a later date.
  • I have a question about my debit
    Most questions relate to a debit amount that is not understandable. This is often due to the following reasons: The amount is irregularly high because your contribution is calculated weekly. Few months of the year have 5 weeks. The debit system always calculates the week from Monday. For example, if the 30th falls on a Monday, the money will be collected for the next week. We would be happy to send you your account listing. If you need this, send us an email to with subject: Bank statement
  • Something bad happened. Do I still have to pay for my no-show?
    We are incredibly sorry for each and every one of us when something tragic happens. We even receive several messages every day that cancellations had to be made at short notice or missed due to dramatic incidents. Sudden illness, delays, traffic jams, accidents, job terminations, separations, death. We are not inhumans and have great understanding for unforeseen events and strokes of fate, but at the end of the month we cannot tell our landlords or our trainers that we unfortunately have to pay less because certain things happened. We simply don't have the time to weigh up each individual case because we have to worry about keeping the studio running. Therefore, we have decided that if you cancel within 12 or 24 hours or if there is no cancellation - regardless of the reason - a no-show fee will be charged. Our members pay us a monthly fee and can therefore cancel at short notice. We thank you for your understanding.
  • When is my booking binding?
    Your booking is binding when you click on the “book” and “book trial training” buttons. or something similar. In advance, you agree to THE GOOD GYM's terms and conditions and cancellation deadlines by clicking on the checkboxes.
  • How is a no-show fee made up?
    We are a small studio and in order for our trainers and the rent to be paid, we have to make full use of our offerings. If you don't cancel at all or cancel too late, other participants will not have the opportunity to move up and the places will remain empty. You will understandably have to compensate for the resulting financial damage. Of course we would like to make an exception for each of you, but unfortunately we would have to close our beautiful studio very soon. Of course no one wants that and we thank you very much for your understanding.
  • I was present or canceled in time - but I still received a no-show bill.
    We apologize to you in advance. Unfortunately, we have countless emails to manage and your message may have been lost. In this case, please send us a screenshot of your cancellation or check-in. Thank you for your help.
  • I missed the cancellation deadline. What's happening now?
    As THE GOOD GYM member, nothing will happen to you here. We will write you a reminder asking you to let us know earlier in the future, so that, for example, participants can be moved up on the waiting list. We don't have to charge a no-show fee because you pay for your membership monthly. As a USC/Wellpass or Gympass member, you are a member of an external provider and pay them a monthly fee. We, on the other hand, only receive a check-in when you come. Unfortunately, no-show billing via USC is no longer available to us, which is why we have to invoice ourselves (and this involves significantly more effort) in order to protect ourselves from financial losses. As communicated several times in advance, a fee equal to the service (e.g. drop-in) of at least €20 will be charged if you cancel your appointment for less than 12 hours or not at all. We therefore ask you to keep your appointments or cancel them in good time. This can be done by email before your first training session. If you are activated for our app, you can easily cancel your appointments yourself and of course make as many as you want depending on your tariff.
  • Do I always receive an appointment confirmation?
    Not always. If you were able to book your appointment, you can definitely keep it. If you are on the waiting list, we will always send you a confirmation of participation when a place has become available for you. Otherwise you wouldn't know that you moved up.
  • This was my first time visiting you - but I can't book any courses via the MySports app yet.
    Then you probably weren't activated on your first visit. Simply send us an email to: and we will do it for you immediately! :-)
  • What do I have to consider if I'm on the waiting list?
    You can move up on the waiting list up to half an hour before the course. A move up is very likely, but cannot be guaranteed. If you would like to change your plans, you have the option to cancel your appointment in the app up to 12 hours before the start of the course (cancellation deadline). If you miss this deadline, you have definitely booked the appointment and are on standby. We will notify you immediately and automatically when your spot has become available. If this is your first visit and you would like to cancel your waiting list within the deadline, write us an email to:< /a>. And then simply book another one of our 40 courses. The sooner the better :-) See you soon at THE GOOD GYM - ideally tomorrow!
  • I missed that there would be a no-show fee. Where is that?
    Sometimes bookings take place during stress at work, in transit on the subway or over a drink in the bar. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that the conditions of participation are only skimmed over and then the trouble is great. We have therefore made special efforts to ensure that these are communicated to you as transparently as possible and more often than necessary. You can read everything here: On THE GOOD GYM profile on our partner websites (USC, Wellpass, Gympass). You can also read it at: When booking yourself, you sometimes have to pass two checkboxes that prepare you for the no-show fee (see screenshot). You have to tick these two boxes yourself, otherwise you won't be able to book your appointment. After you have successfully booked your appointment, we will respond to you with a confirmation email in which we will clarify the cancellation conditions again. We will also write a welcome email with all the information. We also try to send an email with the most important conditions of participation if you contact us repeatedly. You can also find all the conditions in our general terms and conditions on our website.
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