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Partner APP “MySports”

Training has never been so easy:


With the free MySports app you can easily view your training plan, book, postpone and, if necessary, cancel courses and EMS appointments. 


Pick up your smartphone. Download the free MySports app (blue icon). Register here for free using with the email address you provided when you registered. You can choose your password freely. 

Now you can log in.


Book courses and EMS appointments

Depending on whether you have chosen the "Gym-Time" (courses and equipment training) or "EMS Complete" subscription, you can now set your appointments, add them to your calendar and ensure you don't miss any training 24 hours as you will be reminded by us in advance.


Click on “Courses” above, scroll through the course schedule or go directly to your desired date. Sign up. If something more important than the course (we can't imagine what that would be) comes up, please cancel your registration so that other athletes can move up. You can find a further overview of the course schedule on our website.


Choose your desired date and book. Since the EMS training has only taken place for two so far and the places are very popular, we kindly ask you to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance, otherwise it will not be possible to catch up and that would be a real shame for your training success. You can set a new appointment right in the app. Very flexible from anywhere in the world :)


If you have an individual training plan drawn up for you at THE GOOD GYM, you can view it in the app and check it while training in the studio. We are very happy to be able to save paper and protect trees sustainably - the online training plan is also very useful, as you can choose your favorite exercises to do on holiday or at home.


by asking

If something doesn't work, just contact us:

We strive to solve all your problems as quickly as possible!


Book additional modules

You can also book your additional modules such as personal training, nutritional advice and retreats online. 

Create something together

Did you know that THE GOOD GYM donates a small contribution to a charitable organization every time you visit? This motivates, makes you happy and helps you get into training often!

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